Friday, 9 January 2015


By Vincent Don-Baadom;

Religion is a beautiful thing.
Religion might just be the most beautiful thing humanity has been blessed with. It gives us hope; it gives us a sense of direction; something to believe in when we’re lost.
I respect every religion equally, Christianity, Hindu, Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam.

The best and most beautiful people I have ever had the opportunity of meeting are Muslims. Islam is a religion of peace; the most faithful followers of any religion I have ever known are Muslims.
I am neither a religious leader nor a religious activist. I am only a scientist who has quietly observed what has being happening lately, and from my observations, I have developed one hypothesis;

True, every religion has its extremists, but have we ever wondered why Islamic-related extremism is the most prominent?

Based on the result of my very observation, I can propose that;
Islamic leaders have completely ignored the whole point of their religion. They have let bad people use the loyalty of their followers against them.
Think about this…
We’re only reminded that “Islam is a religion of peace” only when ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, etc.  carry out attacks on innocent people ‘in the name of religion’.
I believe Islamic leaders have focused too much on religious ceremonies and less on explaining the essence of Islam to its followers. I do not blame the followers for what is currently happening; I blame the leaders who have (deliberately) refused to explain what their religion stands for to their followers, thereby leaving room for corrupt people to restructure the Quran to young men and women, in order to achieve their clearly evil goals.
This needs to change. I love Islam, as much as I love every other religion, but when things like these are allowed to happen, you give humanity a reason to ‘evolve’ from religiousness.
How about we spend more time explaining the Quran to the young children, instead of leaving them to go seek for alternative explanations to this beautiful phenomenon from the wrong sources?
“Islam preaches forgiveness”. Are you explaining these to your children, or are you just saying it to make yourself feel good?
Do you practice it?
Let us for a moment, pretend the west has truly wronged the Middle East; isn’t forgiveness the religiously logical thing to do here?
Religion preaches wisdom, how about we exercise some of it?

To the extremists;
I understand your loyalty; I envy your loyalty, but it’s time to start asking the right questions.
Questions like;
Are you fighting on the right side?

I am neither angry, nor scared; I am only concerned for the sake of the people who have set out to ruin this for the billions of other good people. Do not ruin the one thing you have fought so hard for and even killed your brothers to protect.
I hope to live in a world where all religions can co-exist in peace; I know deep down, you do also. Let us bring awareness to this, let us question the leaders and not the religion.